the plums in the icebox

As a journalist, I like to produce, never getting overly precious about my copy. As a critic, I do not lose sight of the people creating the art I am evaluating or the people consuming it. As a writer, I think like a poet, focusing on things over ideas. I am always in search of the telling details–the plums in William Carlos Williams' icebox–that move readers and illuminate essential truths.

As my industry has transformed over the past two decades, these sensibilities have served me well. They have helped ground me as I make a career spanning so many forms and functions–from lengthy magazine profiles to native content, from pithy comic pieces to breaking news, from chronicling the celebrity industrial complex in Los Angeles to exposing the social inequality faced by the residents of the city who know little of that world.

While I sometimes bemoan what happened to the magazine industry I entered all those years ago, I still love this work. It provides me with the perfect canvas for my curiosity. I am incredibly grateful that, by doing this work, I am allowed to fully inhabit worlds that are not my own.

I hope you enjoy reading the clips I have shared.

Oliver Jones, Los Angeles (Monday, August 8 2016)